Commit eab21354 authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri
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Don't install intel-microcode from sid (refs: #15148).

It causes too many regressions:

Partially reverts commit 9e6aec2c.
parent 9e6aec2c
......@@ -36,10 +36,6 @@ Package: gir1.2-gdkpixbuf-2.0 libgdk-pixbuf2.0-*
Pin: version 2.36.5-2.0tails*
Pin-Priority: -1
Package: intel-microcode
Pin: release o=Debian,n=sid
Pin-Priority: 999
Package: linux-compiler-* linux-headers-* linux-image-* linux-kbuild-* linux-source-*
Pin: release o=Debian,n=sid
Pin-Priority: 999
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