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Big TODO++ for the Windows theme item.

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......@@ -14,30 +14,62 @@ like Windows login screen (best would be to look like Windows XP, but
looking like Windows NT4 login screen would be an acceptable, much
easier, first implementation step).
# Convenience/Tails features vs. stealth/windows look
How closely do we want to emulate the Windows look? Is it worth
sacrificing certain features of the standard Gnome desktop of Tails in
order to look more like Windows? Examples of potential (or even
likely) differences (ignoring theming issues):
* Application launchers
- we probably should settle on only the most "translatable"
application launchers with respect to how common some
corresponding application is in Windows, e.g. Iceweasel is a
keeper and it should have the Internet Explorer icon, but Seahorse
should go as it has no counterpart in Windows.
* Desktop icons
- Windows certainly doesn't have "Report bug" and "Tails
documentation" icons. OTOH these should normally be hidden behind
some fullscreen window (e.g. Iceweasel).
* Popups (e.g. from NetworkManager and Tails security check)
- these will only be shown for a short time so they may be ok.
* Systray icons
- Like with launchers we should make these have icons from Windows
when possible.
When it comes to themeing issues most of them may be solvable, but
there's diminishing returns in how much you get for the time
invested. In general the Windows camouflage feature can probably only
be best effort. We'll never be able to perfectly emulate the Windows
look completely. This is further complicated by that public computers
may have custom theming/desktop wallpapers/launchers/desktop
icons/tray icons. And if we want Iceweasel to look more like IE, which
version of IE? And let's not even start talking about different
version of Windows.
Hence, our goal shouldn't be that our theme should pass a close
inspection, but rather that it shouldn't raise any alarms for someone
glancing on the screen for a second or two in passing from a
# Next things to do
Look at what Windows XP, Vista and Seven look like and [[!taglink
todo/research]] suitable themes.
# Resources
## XpGnome
# Windows XP theme - XpGnome
- tested, works well in 0.7
- 1.2MB compressed once the duplicated files are removed from the
- bugs:
* mouse-on-dropbox => invisible text
* marked item that looses focus => invisible text
* probably more
### Debian package
## Debian package
There is a Debian package [available]( but
it is in a terrible state: it uses an Xsession.d script for activating
the theme, and it's only acivated if /etc/default/xpgnome has
the theme, and it's only activated if /etc/default/xpgnome has
XPGNOME_START set. The problem is that X has to be started with this
*twice* for the theme to actually be set. And once it's done, some
things are localized to Spanish (e.g. "My computer" -> "Mi
......@@ -45,27 +77,77 @@ PC"). Furthermore the packaging is really bad: the files in the debian
directory are not set up properly, and all source files are included
in it, not in a separate archive.
### XpGnome contents
## XpGnome contents
XpGnome uses three packages from
XpGnome uses three packages from
* [XPLuna](
for a Windows XP look for windows, panel, backgroup etc.
for Windows XP looking themes for gtk and metacity.
* [GnomeXP](
for Windows XP icons.
- In order to save space there's room for symlinking some of the
many duplicate icons.
* [Cursor XP](
for a Windows cursor.
Except installing these XpGnome's installation script also uses gconf
to fix some further issues (desktop icons, panel etc.).
### Plan for integration
## Plan for integration
1. We do some (trivial) packaging ourselves, one for each of the packages listed as XpGnome's contents above. packages listed as XpGnome's contents above.
2. We cut out the parts of the XpGnome installation script which sets
up the theme and put that in a script of our own and just make it a
3. This script will be run as the amnesia user if whatever condition
we chose is true before X starts, e.g. "winxp" on cmdline for now,
later some setting in tails-greeter.
This has now been implemented in the feature/winxp_theme branch. What
remains is:
0. Add some application launchers and corresponding Windows icons. In
order to not derail too much from the standard XP look we may want
to settle with only Iceweasel (IE icon), Claws (Outlook icon) and
Pidgin (MSN Messenger icon).
0. "the Windows look would be the auto-selected default in case a
Windows OS is detected on fixed disks": can be implemented right
now (probably using os-prober, /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober may be
worth a look).
0. "The Tails boot splash screen should be black with a tiny
dots-based progress bar" can be implemented right now, too. I
would be surprised if the Plymouth theme we're using could not be
very lightly configured or patched to replace the blue ascii
blocks with tiny dots, vertical bars, or whatever can look like
Windows and be stealth.
## Bugs and issues
* Buggy icons in the left Tree panel in Nautilus ("locked" icon, until
some event forces Nautilus to refresh the icon)
* Almost invisible text: try moving your mouse over the "Icon View"
toolbar button in Nautilus, or mark an icon on desktop and change
focus to some window.
* The launcher icons are fixed at 48x48 for some reason, and this is
noticeably larger than how it looks in Windows XP.
* The notification area and clock applet have the same background as
the rest of the panel, but in windows they are a much lighter shade
of blue.
* Panel "handles" (i.e. the things to the left of the Window List and
Notification Area applets), located in XPLuna/gtk-2.0/Handles. In
windows they are *NOT* white, but dark blue, and they are only shown
when the panel is unlocked, but in Gnome it seems they are always
shown. The best would be if the handles could be hidden.
* The Florence tray icon is another eye-sore that's easy to identify,
especially for its size and screaming white. One solution may be to
change it to some of Windows XP's keyboard looking icons (e.g. from
the control panel), but unfortunately the GnomeXp icon theme lacks
this type of icon.
* The desktop icons lack localization.
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