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Adapt test to how we disable networking in feature/jessie.

See `stop_and_disable_NM()` in the `tails-mac-spoof` script.
parent 9a30e767
......@@ -92,8 +92,10 @@ Then /^(\d+|no) network interface(?:s)? (?:is|are) enabled$/ do |expected_nr_nic
Then /^the MAC spoofing panic mode disabled networking$/ do
nm_is_disabled = not($vm.file_exist?("/etc/init.d/network-manager")) &&
nm_state = $vm.execute_successfully('systemctl show NetworkManager').stdout
nm_is_disabled = $vm.pidof('NetworkManager').empty? &&
nm_state[/^LoadState=masked$/] &&
assert(nm_is_disabled, "NetworkManager was not disabled")
all_ethernet_nics.each do |nic|
["nic_ipv4_addr", "nic_ipv6_addr"].each do |function|
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