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Update changelog for 3.0~beta3.

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tails (3.0~beta3) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
* Dummy entry for next beta release.
* Major new features and changes
- Make the "Formats" settings in Tails Greeter take effect (Closes: #12079,
new feature that was broken since it was introduced in 3.0~alpha1).
- Upgrade to a new snapshot of the Debian and Torproject
APT repositories (2017031702).
* Removed features
- Stop including I2P: we decided (#11276) to remove I2P, due to our failure
at finding someone to maintain it in Tails (Closes: #12263).
* Security fixes
- Ensure /etc/resolv.conf is owned by root:root in the SquashFS
(Closes: #12343).
- Protect against CVE-2017-2636 by disabling the n-hdlc kernel module
(Closes: #12315).
* Minor improvements
- Reintroduce the X11 guest utilities for VirtualBox (regression
introduced in 3.0~beta2).
- Upgrade X.Org server and the modesetting driver (hopefully helps
fixing #12219).
- Automate the migration from KeePassX databases generated on Tails 2.x
to the format required by KeePassX 2.0.x (Closes: #10956, #12369).
- Add keyboard shortcuts in Tails Greeter (Closes: #12186, #12063).
- Install dbus-user-session (regression introduced in 3.0~beta2).
- Manage temporary directories in a declarative way (tmpfiles.d).
- Replace references to the /var/run compatibility symlink
with the canonical /run.
- Update our Torbirdy patchset to the latest one sent upstream.
- Install mesa-utils, so that Qt 5 can detect whether software based
rendering is needed.
- Have Tails Greeter honor the "debug" kernel command-line option,
for easier debugging (Closes: #12373).
- Refactor Tails Greeter to reduce code duplication (Closes: #12247).
* Bugfixes
- Fix sizing of zenity dialogs (Closes: #12313, regression introduced
in 3.0~alpha1).
- Fix confusing, spurious error messages in command-line applications
wrapped with torsocks:
· Ship a /etc/mailname file with content "localhost".
Otherwise something (Git? libc6?) tries to resolve the "amnesia" host
name, which fails, and a confusing error message is displayed
(Closes: #12205, regression introduced in 3.0~alpha1).
· Have torsocks allow UDP connections to the loopback interface,
with AllowOutboundLocalhost 2 (Closes: #11736).
-- Tails developers <> Wed, 08 Mar 2017 18:55:03 +0000
* Test suite
- Improve debugging info logging for PacketFu parsing issues,
and implement a plausible fix (refs: #11508).
- Try to make "double-click on desktop launcher" more reliable.
- Fix selection of ISO in Tails Installer.
- Re-enable the GnuPG tests that require a keyserver, pointing them
to an Onion service we run on Chutney, that redirects all TCP traffic
to a real, clearnet keyserver (Closes: #12211).
- Implement a workaround for checking the configured keyserver in GnuPG,
until a better fix is implemented (refs: #12371).
- Fix the "Report an Error launcher" scenario in German.
* Build system
- Retry curl and APT operations up to 20 times to make the ISO build
more robust wrt. unreliable Internet connectivity.
Thanks to Arnaud <> for the patch!
- Install ikiwiki from jessie-backports, instead of our patched one
(Closes: #12051).
- Clean up libdvd-pkg build files, again (Closes: #11273).
- Rakefile: fix TAILS_OFFLINE_BUILD exported variable name.
- Adjust apt-mirror to support branches based on feature/stretch
that don't use frozen APT snapshots.
-- Tails developers <> Sun, 19 Mar 2017 11:25:28 +0000
tails (3.0~beta2) unstable; urgency=medium
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