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doc: Solve FIXME-0.11.

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......@@ -34,20 +34,11 @@ Passphrase</span> text boxes.
3. Wait for the creation to finish.
<div class="bug">
<strong>If the creation is interrupted before it finishes</strong>, you may not
be able to start Tails from this USB stick any more. This can happen if you
close the window of the wizard or unplug the USB stick during the creation of
the persistent volume. [[Delete|first_steps/resetting_a_usb_stick]] and
[[reinstall|first_steps/usb_installer]] Tails to fix this issue.
for i in 2 60 62 63 ; do
sgdisk /dev/YOUR_STICK --attributes=1:set:$i
Persistent Volume Features
......@@ -17,7 +17,9 @@ when Tails starts.
<span class="application">boot menu</span> appears. A list of boot options
appears at the bottom of the screen.
[[!img boot-menu-with-options.png link=no alt="FIXME-0.11: Describe the boot menu for 0.11"]]
[[!img boot-menu-with-options.png link=no alt="Black screen with Debian live
artwork. 'Boot menu' with two options 'Live' and 'Live (failsafe)'. At the
bottom, a list of options ending with 'nox11autologin quiet_'"]]
2. Press <span class="keycap">Space</span>, and type the boot option that you
want to add.
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