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[[!meta title="November 2017 online meeting"]]
[[!toc levels=2]]
# Meta
- Attendees: drwhax, emmapeel, geb, intrigeri, masha, muri, nodens, sajolida, segfault, spriver
- [[Logs|201711/logs.txt]]
# Volunteers to handle "Hole in the roof" tickets this month
- [[!tails_ticket 8447 desc="Persistent data is not erased when persistence features are disabled"]]: still on nodens' plate
- no one is available to commit on more stuff
- sajolida has "find another way to handle HITR tickets" high on it's TODO list
# Availability and Plans until the next meeting
- masha:
- nothing in particular beside help desks shifts + assigned tickets
- emmapeel:
- moving, so a bit away. Back on Front Desk on November 27th.
- intrigeri:
- this week: whatever I have to do to make 3.3 exist as a good Tails release;
- next week: OTF summit.
- Then some non-Tails work. In other words, I'll be do the bare
minimum to keep the boat afloat but don't count on me too much.
- spriver:
- Definitely will do some German translation and the usual release
- started working on [[!tails_ticket 14504 desc="Investigate mobile messaging platforms"]]
and [[!tails_ticket 10181 desc="Non-discriminatory language - German"]]
- segfault:
- will continue working on the VeraCrypt stuff
- also try to work through some of the other stuff i committed to
- nodens:
- availability is a moving beast these times for me ($dayjob is hard
to predict).
- Plans: more debian stuff and [[!tails_ticket 8447 desc="Persistent
data is not erased when persistence features are disabled"]]
- drwhax:
- hope to actually work on some of the randomness tickets this month
- next week: at the OTF summit.
- sajolida:
- Finish the work on the new download page and verification extension; hopefully... somehow...
- Do fun UX stuff as I'm under-clocked on this budget line (breaking news: under-clocking happens!)
- Catch up with a bunch of technical writing reviews and tiny stuff
- Prepare the VeraCrypt UX sprint in December
# Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee
There are no such tickets.
# Important missing bits in the next monthly report
Intrigeri needs one more day to add his part
# Tickets flagged for Discussions in the blueprint
There are no such tickets.
# Other tickets
## [[!tails_ticket 14808 desc="OpenPGP Applet should display long keyid (or even only FP)"]]
### Problem description:
Currently OpenPGP applet show hex key id (short) in pub key selection.
The Fingerprints are shown as mouse-over. The mouse-over will probably
go in the not to distant future.
### Discussion summary:
- It's not used for key verification, only disambiguation.
- user should not rely on id for verification (any id).
- seahorse-tool show short key id
- Fingerprint here would be confusing.
### Decision:
Since seahorse-tool show short key id, we should stick with that, or,
preferably, display no id at all. Then we would show the key creation
date for disambiguation.
## [[!tails_ticket 63807 desc="Create screencast videos of installing Tails onto a USB stick"]]
### Problem description:
Comment #18 on the ticket. In short: do we really want this, seeing that
it's not easy to do correctly ?
### Discussion summary:
- we don't have the manpower / skills to do that ourselves and maintain
such screencasts (not even talking about making it translatable)
- we can rely on other people work, like the video from
- it could be useful for some stuff, for instance the FAT32 vs
NTFS problems
### Decision:
Reject this ticket. We acknowledge that such videos could be useful, but
we can't maintain them ourselves
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