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I don't have any wired network so when I start Tails it opens Iceweasel, tries to connect and fails. If I want to use, I should enter my pass for wireless and manually enter to that page.
So please configure Tails to not start Iceweasel & automatically if there's no wired network (or any automatically connected network after [[persistence]]). It should work same as TBB, open Iceweasel after connecting to Tor.
This would be nice for the non-Internet usage of Tails. Open it and work on your files without seeing any browser.
But there could be a welcome screen at the beginning if there's no wired network to ask the user to plug-in an internet cable or to choose a wireless network (are there other options like 3G?). This would be better than the current Iceweasel screen (couldn't connect bla bla bla)
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