Commit e7692f19 authored by Tails developers's avatar Tails developers

Use sudo instead of gksudo for running tails-upgrade-frontend (Closes: #7431).

parent 30e7aef9
......@@ -74,9 +74,5 @@ check_free_memory "$MIN_MEMFREE" "$MIN_TOTAL_MEMFREE"
cd /
xhost +SI:localuser:"$RUN_AS_USER"
if [ $# -gt 0 ] ; then
gksudo -u "$RUN_AS_USER" "/usr/bin/tails-upgrade-frontend $@"
gksudo -u "$RUN_AS_USER" /usr/bin/tails-upgrade-frontend
sudo -u "$RUN_AS_USER" /usr/bin/tails-upgrade-frontend $@
xhost -SI:localuser:"$RUN_AS_USER"
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