Commit e75bc8a9 authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri
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Release process: avoid some back'n'forth (Closes: #16584)

parent 5566ca6a
......@@ -611,6 +611,9 @@ suite should be ready, so it is time to:
- If all hashes match: yay, we're good to go!
Set the `$MATCHING_JENKINS_BUILD_ID` environment variable
to the ID of this job (an integer).
- If there is a hash mismatch for the image: ouch! Now we are in a
tricky situation: on the one hand it seems like a poor idea to
block users from benefiting from this release's security updates,
......@@ -978,12 +981,6 @@ Upload the ISO and USB image signatures to our rsync server:
scp "${ISO_PATH:?}.sig" "${IMG_PATH:?}.sig" rsync.lizard:
Pick a build from `$RELEASE_BRANCH` that produced identical ISO and USB images
to the ones you've built locally (`XXX` must be the job ID, i.e.
an integer):
Copy the ISO and USB images to our rsync server, verify their signature,
move them in place with proper ownership and permissions
and update the time in `project/trace` file on our rsync server
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