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## General requirements
- work over Tor / SOCKS
- provide end-to-end-encryption (OTR, some kind of ratcheting)
- provide end-to-end-encryption
- provide a desktop client
- be mass-adopted already
- work over Tor / SOCKS
- allow for instant messaging
- allow for video calls
- allow for audio calls
## Possible candidates:
- Telegram: works over Tor, has a Debian package
- Signal: centralized server, mass adopted, Chromium extension, will
they port to FF? Tor?
- Matrix: decentralized, TLS by default, Tor? Do we want this in Tails
- Wire: desktop client but no proxy/Tor support?
- end-to-end, works over Tor?, not mass adopted
- Briar: decentralized, works over Tor, but no Linux client yet
### Telegram
- works over Tor (You can configure Tor as a SOCKS5 proxy in the configuration. The traffic seems to go through HTTP.)
- is in Debian
- When first starting the app, you have to enter your phone number and validate it through an SMS. Then you get all your messages and conversations back, even your stickers!
- So it's not anonymous in the sense that it's linked with your phone number but it's super easy :)
- instant messaging
### Signal
- centralized server
- mass adopted
- currently Chromium extension, will they port to FF?
- Tor?
- double ratchet
- have to enter a phone number
- instant messaging
### Matrix
- decentralized
- TLS by default
- Tor?
### Wire
- desktop client
- but no proxy/Tor support?
- video & audio calls
- instant messaging
- end-to-end encrypted
- video calls
### Briar
- decentralized
- works over Tor
- no Linux client yet
## Related
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