Commit e6d5cd15 authored by anonym's avatar anonym
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tor-controlport-filter: deal with client abrutply closing the socket.

parent 69a5838b
......@@ -557,9 +557,10 @@ class FilteredControlPortProxyHandler(socketserver.StreamRequestHandler):
'events': allowed_events,
'restrict-stream-events': restrict_stream_events,
controller = self.connect_to_real_control_port()
disconnect_reason = "client quit"
controller = None
controller = self.connect_to_real_control_port()
handle_controlport_session(controller, self.rfile, self.wfile,
client_desc, client_pid,
......@@ -570,11 +571,15 @@ class FilteredControlPortProxyHandler(socketserver.StreamRequestHandler):
except (ConnectionResetError, BrokenPipeError) as err:
# Handle clients disconnecting abruptly
disconnect_reason = str(err)
except stem.SocketError:
# Handle client closing its socket abruptly
disconnect_reason = "Client closed its socket"
except stem.SocketClosed:
# Handle Tor closing its socket abruptly
disconnect_reason = "Tor closed its socket"
if controller:
log('{} disconnected: {}'.format(client_desc, disconnect_reason))
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