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Wait for the button to be clickable, and use it, instead of the ENTER key.

The previous implementation fails consistently for anonym, likely because the
ENTER key event isn't bound to its callback early enough, or similar. Let's hope
the OK button isn't displayed as being ready before it really is.
parent ac8c7b69
......@@ -928,3 +928,8 @@ When /^I can print the current page as "([^"]+[.]pdf)" to the (default downloads
When /^I accept to import the key with Seahorse$/ do
next if @skip_steps_while_restoring_background
@screen.wait_and_click("TorBrowserOkButton.png", 10)
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ Feature: Browsing the web using the Tor Browser
And the Tor Browser has started and loaded the startup page
And I open the address "" in the Tor Browser
Then I see "OpenWithImportKey.png" after at most 20 seconds
When I press the "ENTER" key
When I accept to import the key with Seahorse
Then I see "KeyImportedNotification.png" after at most 10 seconds
Scenario: Playing HTML5 audio
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