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Mostly revert a1daa794.

We want to keep this section, even if empty.
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......@@ -82,8 +82,8 @@ tracked by tickets prefixed with `todo/test_suite:`.
* Compare the fingerprint of Tails and the latest TBB using at least
- The exposed User-Agent should match the latest TBB's one.
- Update (and possibly re-create) the fingerprint section of the
[[support/known_issues]] page if needed.
- Update the [[fingerprint section|support/known_issues#fingerprint]] of the
known issues page if needed.
* WebRTC should be disabled:
- In `about:config` check that `media.peerconnection.enabled` is set to
......@@ -27,6 +27,10 @@ To make it difficult to distinguish Tails users,
**<span class="application">Tor Browser</span> in Tails tries to provide the same information as <span class="application">Tor Browser</span> on other operating systems** in
order to have similar fingerprints.
See the [[fingerprint section of known issues
page|support/known_issues#fingerprint]] for a list of known differences
between the fingerprints of <span class="application">Tor Browser</span> inside and outside of Tails.
Apart from that, **some of the <span class="application">Tor Browser</span> extensions included in Tails are
specific to Tails**. More sophisticated
attacks can use those differences to distinguish Tails users.
......@@ -291,6 +291,17 @@ This issue has been reported on the following hardware:
- Samsung N150P
- Acer Aspire e1-572
<a id="fingerprint"></a>
<!-- If this section is empty adjust the [[fingerprint documentation|doc/about/fingerprint]]. -->
<!-- The fingerprints of <span class="application">Tor Browser</span> in Tails and on other operating systems are different: -->
None currently known.
Other issues
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