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......@@ -22,13 +22,8 @@ your improvements with us.
# Translate Tails custom programs
You can help correct, improve, or complete the translations of Tails
programs into your native language:
* **For French**, the translation team uses Git. Read its [[dedicated
documentation|translate/team/fr]] for translators.
* **For other languages**, read [[translating with
Tails programs can be translated into more than 140 languages this way.
programs into your native language. Read [[translating with Transifex|translate/with_Transifex]].
Tails programs can be translated into more than 140 languages this way.
<a id="website"></a>
[[!meta title="Translate Tails into French"]]
**For French**, the existing translation team uses Git.
Please read the documentation about [[translating with
Git|translate/with_Git]] first.
[[!toc levels=2]]
# What can be translated
For French, various bits of text can be translated via Git:
* **Custom programs**: each one has its own Git repository, where PO files live in the `po` directory.
Some have a `README.translators` at the root of their source tree: please read it.
For French, various bits of text can be translated:
Here is a list of these repositories:
[Tails Greeter](,
[Tails Persistence Setup](,
[Tails Installer](,
[Tails Upgrader](,
[Tails Perl library](
and [WhisperBack](
* **A set of various translatable strings** live in the `po`
directory, in [the `devel` branch of the main Tails Git
* **Custom programs**: can be [[translated with Transifex|translate/with_Transifex]].
See also [Localization Lab Wiki](
* **This website** must be translated in the `master` branch of the
[main Tails Git repository](
Please read the documentation about [[translating with
# Contributors' repositories
* elouann: [[]]<br />
OpenPGP: `4C95 4E38 AC95 9C33 BD03 7A09 A29F 43F4 830F 0A36`
* matsa: [[]]
* mercedes508: [[]]
* seb35: [[]]
* AtomiKe: [[]]
* Chre: [[]]
* xin: [[]]
......@@ -46,25 +27,3 @@ is [hosted by the Tor Project on Transifex](
See also [amaGama](,
which aims to "gather FOSS translations together in one place".
# Team duties
Our custom programs can be translated [[using
Transifex|translate/with_Transifex]]. Work done there is not automatically
synchronized with the translations your team does in Git.
It is nice to minimize time wasted by unknown people who work, with
Transifex, on the same thing as your translation team.
So, a translation team using Git should regularly contact Transifex
translators (listed in the `Last-translator` field of the PO files one
can download from Transifex), either over email or using the Transifex
interface, to:
1. Thank them for translating Tails stuff.
2. Make it clear their work is not imported (and is therefore, well,
3. Invite them to join the team and share the team's
preferred workflow.
4. Invite them to subscribe to [[the mailing list for
......@@ -436,10 +436,7 @@ Call for translation
If at freeze time, send a call for translations to tails-l10n, making it clear what
Git branch the translations must be based on, and what are the
priorities. Also, add a few words to remember the translation teams
using Git that they should regularly contact Transifex translators,
as detailed on the [[documentation for
To get a list of changes on the website:
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