Unverified Commit e5576d70 authored by muri's avatar muri

reviewed and made a small adjustment

parent 54661229
......@@ -167,7 +167,7 @@ msgid ""
"Tails has received the Mozilla Open Source Support Award (2016), the Access "
"Innovation Prize (2014), the APC FLOSS prize (2014) and the OpenITP award "
msgstr "Tails hat den Mozilla Open Source Support Award (2016), den Access Innovation Prize (2014), den APC FLOSS Prize (2014) sowie die OpenITP-Auszeichnung (2013) erhalten."
msgstr "Tails hat die Mozilla Open Source Support Auszeichnung (2016), den Access Innovation Preis (2014), den APC FLOSS Preis (2014) sowie die OpenITP-Auszeichnung (2013) erhalten."
#. type: Content of: <div><h1>
msgid "Partners & Grants"
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