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Document required work, update wrt. when we reboot isotesters

We now reboot isotesters _after_ test jobs.
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......@@ -198,6 +198,8 @@ Cons:
* High initial money investment
* Hosting this is a hard sell for collocations.
* On-going cost for hosting this cluster.
* Needs some development work to fully benefit from the performance
### Availability
......@@ -259,14 +261,17 @@ and test ~40 branches. Even adding only 2 such boxes would
increase the maximum throughput of our CI by 69% and immensely lower
latency during heavy load times.
This is assuming perfect load distribution, which requires VMs that
### Required development work
The above benchmarks assume perfect load distribution, which requires
Jenkins slaves that
can run both build and test jobs. It works fine in local limited
testing but this is not what we have set up on lizard at the moment:
there's a risk that a failed test job leaves the system in a bad shape
and breaks the following build job as we don't reboot before build
and breaks the following build job as we don't reboot after build
jobs. We might need to either make test jobs more robust on failure
([[!tails_ticket 17216]]),
or to start rebooting VMs before build jobs as well.
or to start rebooting the Jenkins slaves after build jobs as well.
## Run builds and/or tests in the cloud
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