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Explain why pushing verification to Tails Installer

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[[!meta title="ISO verification"]]
We have always pushed our users to verify our ISO images. But so far
this has been a complicated tasks, as it mainly relies on OpenPGP. But
we cannot ask newcomers to know OpenPGP before they get an ISO image
they can trust. So we want to automated this verification as much as
possible, while leaving the room for expert users to do more extensive
verification if they want to.
Over 2015, we will be working on a [[browser extension|extension]] to
integrate ISO verification in the download process.
In this blueprint, we propose to go even further and imagine what we
could do next. We initially considered two scenarios:
- Pushing more verification logic into the browser extension.
- Pushing some verification logic into Tails Installer. This goes
along with having a multiplatform installer, which would be a huge
UX improvement of its own.
- Automating inside Tails the download and verification of ISO images
for full upgrades.
We're currently considering more seriously the option of pushing more
verification logic into Tails Installer. It could then:
- Automate OpenPGP verification. That would be easy to achieve on
Linux and would need more research for other platforms. Note that
having a super secure verification process on Windows might not be
- Do download correlation of our signing key, and check it against the
Debian keyring on Debian and derivatives.
- Allow people to burn DVDs from Tails Installer as well. If Tails
Installer becomes the recommended tool for verifying Tails, people
should be able to burn DVDs from it.
- Allow expert users to build more trust in our signing key through
the OpenPGP WoT.
The advantages of going this way instead of pushing more verification
logic into the browser extension are that:
- More people will be able to work on such code.
- We will no rely on browsers for serious cryptography.
- We will have less restrictions than inside browser extensions.
The cons:
- The verification using OpenPGP might be harder to port to Windows
and OS X. But we are ready to provide lower standards of
verification for them.
- How would people verify Tails Installer on Windows and OS X? Maybe
the browser extension could do that by then.
- The browser extension will loose some of its relevance. It will
still be useful until we get there, and maybe to verify Tails
<a id="seahorse"></a>
About the removal of Seahorse Nautilus
As of now, we are explaining how to [[verify ISO images using
`seahorse-nautilus` for GNOME|doc/get/verify_the_iso_image_using_gnome]].
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