Commit e469ca15 authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri
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Add GNOME bugs that were migrated to GitLab (refs: #15042).

parent 788056b0
......@@ -28,3 +28,7 @@ Feel free to add any relevant issue to this list.
* [[!gnome_gitlab gdm/issues/251 desc="screensaver doesn't lock with password prompt if password was just set"]]
* [[!gnome_gitlab gtk/issues/1211 desc="Cursor stays in wait status for some seconds after calling `gtk_show_uri_on_window`"]]
* [[!gnome_gitlab seahorse/issues/177 desc="Seahorse: Please support finding remote OpenPGP keys by fingerprint"]]
* [[!gnome_gitlab seahorse/issues/47 desc="Seahorse: Please support HKP over TLS"]]
* [[!gnome_gitlab seahorse-nautilus/issues/1 desc="seahorse-nautilus: non-ISO-C and non-deprecated-API warnings"]]
* [[!gnome_gitlab seahorse-nautilus/issues/4 desc="seahorse-nautilus: does not or only partially import keys"]]
* [[!gnome_gitlab seahorse/issues/22 desc="Seahorse: cannot Import Public SSH Keys"]]
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