Commit e43247dd authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri
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Disable/break Tor Browser self-updates (Closes: #17114)

app.update.enabled is not supported anymore:

So for example, without this commit, an image built with Tor Browser 9.0a6
would complain that it's outdated.

Debian's Firefox passes --disable-updater to the build system,
but we can't do this as we use upstream Tor Browser builds.

So instead, let's do this:

 - Point app.update.url to a non-existent place, so that new updates
   cannot be found, even if Tor Browser tries to check for updates
   despite our other attempts to disable that.

 - Enable app.update.disabledForTesting, which is what Mozilla replaced
   app.update.enabled with in their test suite.

 - Disable app.update.doorhanger, so any update found despite everything else
   won't be advertised in the UI.

 - Disable, so that Tor Browser does not install automatically
   any update it may find despite everything else.

Among those, any of the 2 first prefs should be enough, but let's play it safe.

The alternative would be to use policies.json:

… but let's try to adding another moving piece to our Tor Browser puzzle, if we
can avoid it. Besides, it's already been broken in Tor Browser:

… and I'm warry it could be broken again without anyone noticing
early enough.
parent 7d39b3ac
......@@ -9,7 +9,10 @@ pref("", "631,6136,4444,4445,6668,7656,7657,7658,76
pref("extensions.torbutton.show_slider_notification", false);
// Disable the Tor Browser's automatic update checking
pref("app.update.enabled", false);
pref("", false);
pref("app.update.disabledForTesting", true);
pref("app.update.doorhanger", false);
pref("app.update.url", "");
// Suppress prompt and always spoof useragent as English
pref("privacy.spoof_english", 2);
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