Commit e26b62db authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri
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Test suite: update persistence handling for the new Greeter (refs: #12055).

parent f2980df9
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ end
Then /^Tails Greeter has( not)? detected a persistence partition$/ do |no_persistence|
expecting_persistence = no_persistence.nil?
found_persistence = ! @screen.exists('TailsGreeterPersistence.png').nil?
found_persistence = ! @screen.exists('TailsGreeterPersistencePassphrase.png').nil?
assert_equal(expecting_persistence, found_persistence,
"Persistence is unexpectedly#{no_persistence} enabled")
......@@ -343,12 +343,9 @@ Then /^a Tails persistence partition exists on USB drive "([^"]+)"$/ do |name|
Given /^I enable persistence$/ do
@screen.wait('TailsGreeterPersistence.png', 10)
@screen.wait('TailsGreeterPersistencePassphrase.png', 10)
match = @screen.find('TailsGreeterPersistencePassphrase.png')*2, match.h/2))
@screen.wait_and_click('TailsGreeterPersistencePassphrase.png', 10)
@screen.type(@persistence_password + Sikuli::Key.ENTER)
@screen.wait('TailsGreeterPersistenceUnlocked.png', 30)
def tails_persistence_enabled?
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