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Document GitLab integrations with the Tails infrastructure (sysadmin#17733)

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......@@ -251,6 +251,7 @@ Below, importance level is evaluated based on:
- configuration: [[!tails_gitlab tails/gitlab-config]]
* importance: critical (needed to release Tails)
* Tails system administrators administrate this GitLab instance.
* See our [[documentation about GitLab for Tails sysadmins|contribute/working_together/roles/sysadmins/gitlab]].
## Gitolite
[[!meta title="GitLab for Tails sysadmins"]]
[[!toc levels=2]]
# Important information about the Tails GitLab instance
The following are important things a Tails sysadmin needs to know about the
[[Tails GitLab|]] instance:
- The service is provided by Immerda. We usually contact them through e-mail
or their Jabber channel (see their [[contact
- Tails sysadmins don't have shell access to the VM hosting the service so,
among many other things, using [[Server
Hooks|]] is not easy
and would depend on coordination with our service provider.
- We manage the configuration of our GitLab using
[[Gitlabracadabra|]], and
the configuration is stored in the
[[gitlab-config|]] repository.
- GitLab's `root` user is an owner of all projects because that makes sense
for the way Tails currently manages user permissions for the different
groups and projects. Notifications are turned off for that user and it
shouldn't be used for communicating with other users.
- Tails previously used Redmine, and the migration was coordinated using
[[Salsa|]]. Here's some
[[documentation related to Tails
that was used to create this page.
- The user documentation for Tails GitLab instance is kept [[in a separate
# Interactions of GitLab with the rest of Tails infrastructure
The following pieces of the Tails infrastructure interact with GitLab either
directly or indirectly:
- The [[Ticket Gardener|contribute/working_together/roles/ticket_gardener]]
queries GitLab for information about the state of issues and merge
- The [[Translation
constantly merges modifications made through
[[Weblate|]] and pushes them back to the Tails
main repository (see [[the
for that). We use a local "gatekeeper" repository with a
to prevent the Translation Platform from messing with more things than it
- Ikiwiki is notified whenever there's a change in the `master` branch of the
[[main Tails repository|]] and
creates/updates `.po` files when new content was added to the Tails website.
For this, GitLab was manually configured to mirror the main Tails repository to
a local repository in the Tails infrastructure, and the local mirror
Ikiwiki when its master branch was modified. Some other [["underlay"
are also configured to [[cause Ikiwiki to
the main website.
- Our [[Jenkins|contribute/working_together/roles/sysadmins/Jenkins]] master
[[is also
when there are relevant changes to the main Tails repository, and its Jenkins
slaves query GitLab to determine [[whether to conduct reproducibility
and [[whether to send notifications through
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