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Drop documentation about filesystem shares: we don't use them anymore (refs: #5571).

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......@@ -350,25 +350,6 @@ Although very rare, the remote shell can get into a state where it
stops responding, resulting in the test suite waiting for a response
## Host-to-guest filesystem shares are incompatibile with snapshots
Filesystem shares cannot (due to QEMU limitations) be added to an
active VM, and cannot (due to QEMU limitations) be active
(i.e. mounted) during a snapshot save. For this reason, don't use
filesystem shares in combination with snapshots. For more
information, see [[!tails_ticket 5571]].
On a more practical note, you *can* add a filesystem share if you
restore a snapshot and then power off the computer, which still is
worth it when there's a big setup cost, e.g. when Tails is running
from USB with persistence enabled. So something like this is valid,
for example:
Given Tails has booted without network from a USB drive with a persistent partition and stopped at Tails Greeter's login screen
And I shutdown Tails and wait for the computer to power off
And I setup some filesystem share ...
And I start Tails from USB drive "current" with network unplugged and I login with persistence enabled
## Plugging SATA drives
When creating a disk (at least when backed by a `raw` image) via the
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