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......@@ -9,3 +9,19 @@ People giving the Tails 0.12 live DVD a tryout should be more interested in the
Moreover, I suspect that using the toram boot time parameter also makes other software signifantly faster.
My year 2005 vintage computer has 2GB of RAM, and an older ATI Radeon 9250 AGP video card that requires that I use the radeon.modeset=0 boot parameter in order for me to see anything on my monitor screen.
Edit 1:
I stand corrected. I can login to the Tails greeter with a functional administrator password that will allow me to mount my internal hard disk drive if I do the following:
1) Edit the boot time menu so that the Kernel command looks like the following one after the Tails 0.12 LiveDVD boots:
[ 0.000000] Kernel command line: initrd=/live/initrd.img boot=live config live-media=removable nopersistent noprompt timezone=Etc/UTC block.events_dfl_poll_msecs=1000 nox11autologin hpet=force rootdelay=9 toram radeon.modeset=0 BOOT_IMAGE=/live/vmlinuz
Note that there are no double spaces in the above boot time command, and the two 'quiet' and the only 'splash' have been deleted from the default boot menu. I suspect that not all of the boot parameters that I added after the last default parameter, nox11autologin, are necessary with all computers.
2) Change my computer's BIOS so that the first boot device is my external Sony DVD burner that is connected to the computer with an ATA to USB adapter cable in lieu of using my internal ATA DVD burner to boot the Tails live DVD. I also burned the Tails Live DVD DVD+RW disk with the Sony. I have Plop installed, but the computer does not invoke it with this BIOS setup.
3) With the Tails Live DVD in the external Sony burner, when the computer boots, it quickly gets to the point where it starts loading the 'squashfs' file into the PC's RAM. The burner starts loading to RAM failey slowly (1.00 MB/sec) with the read speed stuttering back and forth before smoothing out and finishing at the peak speed of 9.07 MB/sec - much faster than my ATA internal DVD burner. I used the mouse to enter both the first and the second three-letter password into the Tails greeter. In other words, I did not use the Tab key to get to the second box to reenter the password the second time.
OpenOffice Writer again loaded in a fast 20 seconds as it typically does when I use the toram boot parameter. However, I was unaabe to do a good job of editing text files on the first part of this docuent because Writer's cursor was offset four or five characters to the right from where it was placing the text on the page. I had to switch to gedit to finish editing this document.
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