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[[!meta title="December 2016 online meeting"]]
[[!toc levels=1]]
# Holes on the roof
Alant is working on the Greeter, so [[!tails_ticket 5318]] is for him.
# Volunteers to handle important tickets flagged for next release, but without assignee
After some looking we got 3 tickets assigned:
- [[!tails_ticket 12015 desc="Upgrade Tor to"]] for intrigeri
- [[!tails_ticket 7700 desc="Have a distribution mechanism for the revocation
certificate of our signing key"]] and [[!tails_ticket 11920 desc="Remove
the FAQ on commercial SSL certificate once has Let's Encrypt"]] for
# Availability for next month:
- intrigeri: as usual; plans: a Stretch sprint, 1 invoicing round, and helping
people give good input to sajolida for next SponsorS proposal. And attend 60%
of the reproducible builds summit!
- spriver: probably attending CCC, work a bit on #11669 again, and on #11822
- sajolida: availability: continue with the donation campaign and prepare the
OTF concept note
- alant: I'll be randomly available as usual, but I'll participate to the next
Stretch sprint to include the revamped greeter in it, plus help on other
topics I'm knowledgeable about
- emmapeel will have some time for docs
# Tickets discussed
## [[!tails_ticket 11884 desc="Document using Tor bridges to work around missing entry guards"]]
The proposal has some sense, but then we will be providing the information only
for power users, not for the majority of Tails users.
As in some months we will actually be able to provide entry guards, then we
decided to give it a low priority and suggest to put it in "Confirmation
attacks" on doc/about/warning, mentioning the risk/benefit decision one must
make about location tracking.
## [[!tails_ticket 11969 desc="Revisit scrolling settings, Stretch edition"]]
We decided to rather drop our customisation (as most of the OS are doing natural
scrolling now) and let GNOME+libinput do what they think is best, i.e. natural
scrolling in most cases.
This way we keep reducing our delta with upstream.
## [[!tails_ticket 12003 desc="Set a warning message in RCs and alpha releases from Tails 3.0 on"]]
We realised that we were maybe exaggerating when giving ISO images for testing
to the users, at least for Tails 3.x, and that the ISOs could sometimes have
bugs and glitches but they are passing all the security tests, at least on the
Release Candidates (RC) or for example Tails 3.0~alpha1.
So maybe there are some bugs but not security issues.
We decided to change the background to grey and add a warning saying:
"Hey, you are running Tails 3.0 alpha. It is safe to use but might still be
broken in many ways. Report any problems to" and a grey
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