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Release process: don't ask the RM to do stuff they're not allowed to do

refs #17747
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......@@ -1669,8 +1669,9 @@ in `rm.git`'s keyringer).
Postpone to next release any remaining open issue for the version
you've just released:
1. Create a new `missed:$VERSION` label
on [[!tails_gitlab groups/tails/-/labels]]
1. Verify there's a `missed:$VERSION` label
on [[!tails_gitlab groups/tails/-/labels]]; if there's none,
ask sysadmins to create one via `gitlab-config.git`.
2. Visit the [[!tails_gitlab groups/tails/-/milestones desc="milestone"]]
for the version you've just released.
3. In the right side bar, in the _Issues_ section, click on the _Open: NN_
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