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Also display this message on download-only pages

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......@@ -254,12 +254,13 @@
<span class="windows linux mac">installing</span>
<span class="upgrade-tails upgrade-windows">upgrading</span>
<span class="download-only-img download-only-iso">installing or upgrading</span></h3>
<p class="windows linux mac dvd vm upgrade-tails upgrade-windows indent">Open and download
<p class="indent">Open and download
the Torrent file with your BitTorrent client. It contains the
Tails [[!inline pages="inc/stable_amd64_version" raw="yes" sort="age"]]
<span class="windows linux mac upgrade-tails upgrade-windows">USB</span>
<span class="dvd vm">ISO</span>
image that you will use in the next step.</p>
<span class="windows linux mac upgrade-tails upgrade-windows download-only-img">USB</span>
<span class="dvd vm download-only-iso">ISO</span>
<span class="windows linux mac dvd vm upgrade-tails upgrade-windows">image that you will use in the next step.</span>
<span class="download-only-img download-only-iso">image.</span>
<div id="continue-link-bittorrent" class="indent">
<div id="skip-download-bittorrent">
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