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Add leads for savings.

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......@@ -67,3 +67,23 @@ Total --- **$6200**
* 1 x Supermicro SC113TQ-600W, 1U RM, WIO, 8x 2.5" SAS/SATA 600W - $350
Total --- **$6650**
## Ways to lower the price a bit
No need to invest time into it immediately, but if we eventually decide
to go this way and the total price is a bit too high, we should look
into these options.
### Less RAM
Here, we pay for the test suite's temporary storage twice: once in RAM
(disk cache managed by the kernel), once on disk. We could cut down on
costs a bit by not buying all the corresponding RAM now, and instead
relying purely on the SSDs (buy 128GB instead of 256GB for the new
machine, which saves ~$1k).
I'm curious what would be the performance hit if we did that. I guess
it's easy enough to get a first very rough estimate (just give an
isotesterN 10GB of RAM instead of 20GB, or something), but really it all
depends on how the drives handle _multiple_ instances of the test suite
writing/reading tons of data.
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