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Add fingerprint differences to known issues.

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......@@ -165,11 +165,20 @@ Tails, or it will be removed.
<a id="fingerprint"></a>
<!-- Fingerprint -->
<!-- =========== -->
<!-- If this section is empty adjust the [[fingerprint documentation|doc/about/fingerprint]]. -->
The fingerprints of the Tails browser and the TBB are different:
* reports that TBB 3.0b1 supports JavaScript version
1.8, while the Tails browser 24.1 supports version 1.5.
* returns a *Screen* line for TBB, but not with
Tails browser.
* Browser window resizing is in not reliable: [[!tails_ticket 6377]]
and [[!tor_bug 10095]].
Other issues
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