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Replace cost/benefit by iterations in report

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......@@ -61,18 +61,17 @@ preliminary research work that we did, both in terms of user needs
(through the survey) and technical feasibility (through the
backend code written until now).
The details is in our [[blueprint|blueprint/veracrypt#scope]] and here is a
visual summary:
We structure the scope of our work in four iterations. We will implement
and upstream each iteration one after the other and go as far as the
budget allows:
<img src="">
1. Unlocking partitions
2. Unlocking file containers
3. Creating and modifying partitions and containers
4. *VeraCrypt Mounter*
XXX: Fix this to mention iterations instead because the current
structure is misleading:
1. Partitions
2. File containers
3. Modification and creation
4. Integration improvements
The details of each iteration is in our
### Paper prototyping
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