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Move ticket reference to the correct place.

That ticket is not about automating the known issues section, which in
fact cannot be automated.
parent 9b6867fb
......@@ -83,10 +83,10 @@ tracked by tickets prefixed with `todo/test_suite:`.
(automate: [[!tails_ticket 10260]])
* Compare the fingerprint of Tails and the latest TBB using at least
<> (automate: [[!tails_ticket 10262]])
- The exposed User-Agent should match the latest TBB's one.
- Update the [[fingerprint section|support/known_issues#fingerprint]] of the
known issues page if needed. (automate: [[!tails_ticket 10262]])
known issues page if needed.
* WebRTC should be disabled: (automate: [[!tails_ticket 10264]])
- In `about:config` check that `media.peerconnection.enabled` is set to
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