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Meeting agenda: remove topics that were addressed last month.

parent 858e8da3
......@@ -18,11 +18,7 @@ Availability and plans for the next weeks
- [[!tails_ticket 6972 desc="Create a 'Sponsors' page"]]
- [[!tails_ticket 11882 desc="disable recent usage and history in privacy settings by default"]]
- [[!tails_ticket 12076 desc="Have a sponsor per release"]]
- [[!tails_ticket 12104 desc="Can we drop DKMS modules support?"]]
- [[!tails_ticket 9003 desc="Cleanup outdated blueprints - do we want to create an archive for old ones?"]]
- [[!tails_ticket 9900 desc="Improve Website search"]]:
are we ok with externalising the search feature?
- [[!tails_ticket 12214 desc="Consider documenting a way to manually backup persistent data"]]
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