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# B. Improve our quality assurance process
## B.2. Continuously run our entire test suite on all those ISO images once they are built
In November, **314 ISOs** were tested by our Jenkins instance.
With the 1.7 release, we were able to unify back the way the branches
based on our maintenance branch and the one based on our development
branch were tested. (#10409)
We have deployed the feature that prints out in the test suite logs in
Jenkins a direct link to the collected artifacts of the failing step.
We found out that Sikuli was sometimes leaving png files in the Jenkins
workspaces, and we worked on a fix. (#10476)
We're being short again in disk space and need to anticipate that future
infra features will require more, so we're sorting out what's the real
needs of our isotesters on this side, now that we have more datapoints.
We're also short on isotesters to really test every single automatically
build ISOs. So we're discussing if we need new hardware to cope with the
load, and if so, which kind. (#9264)
Meanwhile, our automated test suite will still be a bit more efficient
on testing branches that actually changes Tails' code, while testing
only some susbsets for the branches that only changes our website or
documentation. (#10492)
We spend a lot of the CI time gathering statistics about the test suite
runs in Jenkins in order to help the team writing the test to identify
which scenarios were fragile, going forward to the release of the
notifications to contributors.
# C. Scale our infrastructure
## C.2. Be able to detect within hours failures and malfunction on our services.
- C.2.1. Research and decide what monitoring solution to use
what tools and abstraction layer to use for configuring it,
and where to host it.
We discussed more deeply how the different candidates were respecting
our specifications.
## C.4. Maintain our already existing services
We kept on answering to the request from the community as well as taking
as well as taking care of security updates as covered by "C.4.4.
Administer our services upto milestone IV" until the end of November.
We settled on a date for a sysadmin sprint in December.
# D. Migration to Debian Jessie
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