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Add script to ignore autogenerated PO files

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......@@ -87,3 +87,13 @@ in a row with the following bash script:
This will basically check in all subfolders if there is an existing `.git` folder,
and run `git pull` if appropriate.
Remove autogenerated PO files
When building the wiki, ikiwiki often generates many PO files that you don't
need to take into account or commit if you are working on the documentation or
only on one language. This [[script|]] does a checkout on all of
the modified PO files in your working tree. **Make sure to do `git add` on the
files that you modified before running it**, otherwise your changes will be
git status | \
grep -E "modified:\s.+.pot?$" | \
cut -d ' ' -f 4 | \
while read po ; do
git checkout "$po" ;
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