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GitLab: document SSH host key fingerprints

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......@@ -23,6 +23,14 @@ your own copy of our repositories.
Later on, you will probably need to [[request more
The first time you connect over SSH to a Git repository hosted on our GitLab,
you will be prompted to verify the server's SSH host key. Here are the
corresponding fingerprints:
- ECDSA: `SHA256:f/PV2zYMjEjmC2c7QLWs0gWiuadel9ZDY2a7scQ+/BE`
- Ed25519: `SHA256:RxjdAxT/9nqD2RKHVUxCTQeiKKWSn3bg7bjmatQO2DM`
- RSA: `SHA256:fXpmM5kJ9A9fHMaGUekgxXHIocTpsbmYnp/mdlhWFwQ`
# Group and projects
All our work is tracked in projects under the [[!tails_gitlab tails
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