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GitLab: specify projects/repositories access control management

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- [forking workflow](
- regular Tails contributors have "Reporter" access
## Management
With Redmine + Gitolite, we centrally manage, in 1-2 single places, team
membership and the corresponding access level. For example, when someone gets
commit access or joins a team, we add them to the corresponding Gitolite group
and Redmine role. That's very convenient.
If we don't do anything special, to implement the access control specified
above, we would need to:
* During the migration to GitLab: give dozens of users "Reporter", "Maintainer"
or "Developer" access on dozens of project.
* Day-to-day operations: occasionally, give someone "Reporter", "Maintainer" or
"Developer" access on dozens of project.
I don't think we want to do any of this manually.
It seems we could maintain user groups via the GitLab web interface and [share
the relevant projects with these user
These groups would not contain any project themselves: their sole purpose is to
manage access to projects in batch.
# Wiki
It's out of scope for the first iteration but at some point, we might
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