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[[!meta title="System requirements"]]
**FIXME**: review this section
Tails works with any resonabley modern PC computer – say manuractured after 2005.
# Startup device
To run Tails, your computer must be able to have a CD reader (and to start on
it) or to start on USB stick.
# Processor requirement
Tails requires an x86 compatible processor.
# Memory requirements
Tails (0.7.x) requires 1GB of RAM to work smoothly. It is known to work with
less memory, but you might experience strange behaviours or crashes, which we do
**not** consider at Tails bug.
Tails should work on any reasonably recent PC computer, say manufactured after 2005.
Here is a detailed list of requirements.
- Either **have a CD reader** or be able to **boot from a USB stick** or an
external USB CD reader.
- Have Tails requires an <span class="definition">[[!wikipedia x86]]</span>
compatible processor: **<span class="definition">[[!wikipedia
IBM_PC_compatible]]</span>** and others but not <span
class="definition">[[!wikipedia PowerPC]]</span> nor <span
class="definition">[[!wikipedia ARM]]</span>.
- Have **1 GB of RAM** to work smoothly. Tails is known to work with less memory
but you might experience strange behaviours or crashes.
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