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Release process: improve explanation

Give more hints wrt. the impact.
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......@@ -722,6 +722,12 @@ to verify that Jenkins reproduced your images:
Initialize the website release branch
From now on, we don't want to push new commits on `$RELEASE_BRANCH`
until the new release is out. Otherwise, this would break its build
and the build of every branch based on it, which would effectively
block other development work. So the final steps towards publishing
the release will be done in a new, dedicated branch.
If preparing anything but a final release (e.g. an alpha, beta
or RC):
......@@ -733,11 +739,6 @@ Else, if preparing a final release:
git checkout -b "${WEBSITE_RELEASE_BRANCH:?}" "${TAG:?}" && \
git push -u origin "${WEBSITE_RELEASE_BRANCH:?}"
(as soon as a new commit is created on `$RELEASE_BRANCH`, its
build will start failing until a new changelog entry is created,
which we don't want to do on `$RELEASE_BRANCH` before it's merged
into `master` at release time)
Generate the OpenPGP signatures and Torrents
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