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Update changelog for 3.0~alpha1.

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tails (3.0) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
tails (3.0~alpha1) experimental; urgency=medium
* Dummy entry for new release.
* Major new features and changes
- Upgrade to a snapshot of Debian 9 (Stretch) from 2016-11-15.
- Switch userpace from 32-bit to 64-bit (Closes: #8183), and accordingly:
· Memory erasure: drop the "one instance of sdmem per 2 GiB of RAM" tweak,
that is not needed on x86-64.
· Display a "sorry!" message when trying to boot on a 32-bit BIOS system
(refs: #11638).
- Switch GNOME Shell to its default black theme (Closes: #11789).
* Minor improvements
- Install the cirrus and modesetting X.Org drivers (Closes: #10962).
- Install the 'amdgpu' driver for the AMD Radeon cards (refs: #11850).
- Stop disabling kernel modesetting for QXL (refs: #11518).
- Replace TopIcons with gnome-shell-extension-top-icons-plus.
The former causes plenty of trouble and is apparently abandoned
upstream. The latter is actively maintained upstream, and packaged
in Debian. (refs: #10576)
- Use torsocks to torify Git, and drop tsocks entirely. tsocks has been
unmaintained for years in Debian, and was removed from testing
for a while (Closes: #10955).
- Replace Florence's "systray" icon with the Florence Indicator GNOME Shell
extension (refs: #8312). And then, don't automatically start Florence:
the Florence Indicator GNOME Shell extension will start it the first time
one tries to display it. This should save a tiny bit of RAM.
- Harden AppArmor Totem profiles.
- Switch to the Debian-packaged aufs kernel module (Closes: #11829).
- Configure the firewall to not allow root to connect to Tor at all,
which is possible now that APT uses a dedicated user for network
- Fix firewall startup during early boot, by referring to the "amnesia"
user via its UID (refs: #7018).
- Install hunspell dictionaries instead of myspell ones, for a few more
languages: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. Only Farsi keeps
using a myspell dictionary for now.
* Removed features
- Stop installing BookletImposer PDF imposition toolkit.
It's unmaintained upstream and thus won't be part of Debian Stretch.
- Stop installing ekeyd: it's unmaintained, very rarely used, poorly
designed (dedicated daemon), and security sensitive (Closes: #7687).
- Stop shipping ttdnsd. It was only useful for developers and power-users
who can install it themselves as needed. It's been unmaintained upstream
for many years. It's very buggy so we had to remove it from the DNS
resolution loop years ago. It's not in Debian. And it's one of the only
two bits of Tails that still relied on tsocks, that is RC-buggy,
unmaintained in Debian, and not in Stretch at the moment. So it has
become clear that the cost of keeping ttdnsd now outweighs the benefits
it brought (refs: #10959).
-- Tails developers <> Mon, 11 Jan 2016 13:59:28 +0000
* Build system
- Bump disk space (and memory for in-RAM builds) requirements.
- Support new live-config configuration directory naming, again and again.
- Use the lowest compression level for the SquashFS when compressing it
with gzip. This makes our development builds faster, and the resulting
ISO image only a little bit bigger (Closes: #9788).
- Configure initramfs compression later, to make the build faster.
* Test suite
- Various refactoring while we were at it.
- Port tests to Dogtail: installation, upgrade, notification detection,
Synaptic, Gobby, and some of Tor Browser.
- Workaround GNOME Shell being buggy for Dogtail (refs: #11718).
- Update a bunch of test suite images for Stretch.
- Mark created disk as temporary when we don't need to keep it around.
- Simplify adding NetworkManager connections, and rely more on the defaults.
Not providing the complete configuration file makes us test something
closer to what happens when a user adds a Wi-Fi connection themselves.
- Adjust the minimum allowed memory pattern coverage before wiping.
- Always sync the time from the host when restoring from a snapshot.
Previously we wouldn't do it when the network was plugged but Tor wasn't
running, which can cause issues if we *then* start Tor since the time
may be off.
- Adjust to the fact that we now support running as a 64-bit guest
in VirtualBox, and simplify code since we now include a 64-bit userland.
- Improve how we restart Tor/I2P after restoring from a snapshot.
- Adjust PolicyKit tests for Stretch.
- Work around Tails stopping on shut down due to #11730.
This should be reverted once #11730 is fixed properly.
- Update the screenshot scenario.
- Fix pcap file saving on MAC spoofing failure (Closes: #11698).
- Test that notifications are actually shown.
- Drop obsolete workaround for Florence sometimes not being hidden
on startup (#11398).
- Avoid remote shell deadlock.
- Install at-spi2-core from Debian Sid.
With the current version in Stretch, at-spi-bus-launcher crashes on
start, breaking parts of GNOME's accessibility, and Dogtail.
For details, see
- Check that the MAC address is spoofed for manually added persistent
NetworkManager connections created on Jessie and Stretch (refs: #11931).
- Use nc.traditional in tests that rely on its behaviour.
- Adjust expected notification text to cope with #11941.
* Adjustments for Debian 9 (Stretch) with no or very little user-visible impact
- Adjust APT sources and pinning for Stretch.
- Don't install gnome-media, which is not part of testing/sid anymore.
We already install the only bits it was providing or depending on.
- Don't install gnome-themes: it's gone in Stretch.
- Stop installing GStreamer 0.10 explicitly: it won't be in Stretch,
and some bits are gone already.
- Refresh and unfuzzy patches for Stretch. Replace some of them with
programmatic patching, as patches break the build whenever
they become fuzzy.
- Drop start_AppArmor_earlier.diff: on Stretch, AppArmor starts much earlier
- Accept iceweasel-l10n-* that don't provide any search engine:
on Stretch, at least iceweasel-l10n-ar_1%3a43.0.4-1_all.deb doesn't.
- Stop deleting 75-persistent-net-generator.rules: obsolete in Stretch.
It was removed in systemd (220-7).
- Tell live-boot we're still using aufs: recent live-boot defaults
to overlayfs, which we don't use yet.
- Don't remove imagemagick in 11-localize_browser: cups-filters depends on it
(Closes: #10960).
- Explicitly install bc: needed by our 2010-pidgin live-config hook.
- Remove gcc-4.9-base and gcc-5 via a chroot hook, taking into account
that GCC 5 is the default on Stretch.
- Switch to openjdk-8-jre: openjdk-7-jre is not in Stretch anymore.
- gcalctool was renamed to gnome-calculator.
- Don't try to delete non-existing AppArmor profile for ntpd: it was moved
to the ntp package in Stretch.
- Build DKMS modules with GCC 5: Stretch hasn't 4.8 anymore.
- Don't try to reload or disable an initscript that we don't patch,
and that doesn't exist anymore.
- Support the case when /usr/src/libdvd-pkg does not exist.
Apparently this can happen on Stretch.
- Adjust to the move of /etc/gnome/defaults.list in Stretch
(Closes: #11440).
- Stop installing xserver-xorg-input-vmmouse. It's obsolete and conflicts
with recent kernels:
- Install open-vm-tools from sid: it's been removed from testing.
- Install the gobby package, instead of the (now gone) transitional
gobby-0.5 one.
- apparmor-adjust-tor-profile.diff: drop bits that are useless, and
prevent Tor from starting, on Stretch.
- Tor Daemon Status: declare compatibility with GNOME Shell 3.20.
- Shutdown helper: declare compatibility with GNOME Shell 3.20.
- Drop 43-adjust_path_to_ibus-unikey_binaries hook: it was a workaround
for a bug (Debian#714932) that was fixed.
- Use netcat-openbsd instead of connect-proxy for torifying SSH.
connect-proxy seems barely maintained in Debian and was removed from
testing due to
- Don't disable gdomap service: we don't include it anymore.
unar in Jessie depended on gnustep-base-runtime (that ships gdomap),
but this is not the case in Stretch anymore.
- Install system-config-printer-common instead of system-config-printer,
and drop customization that were needed only for the latter:
system-config-printer (1.5.7-2) extracts into a new -common package
the bits needed by gnome-control-center (Closes: #11505).
- Adjust haveged AppArmor profile to work with Linux 4.x on Stretch.
- cupsd AppArmor profile: update list of backends, and add aufs-specific
tweak that Stretch needs (refs: #11699).
- Revert to GNOME's default font antialiasing/hinting.
We fixed on rgba/slight when converting some manual fontconfig stuff
to GNOME's layer on top of it, but at least from a fresh Stretch
install (2016-08-24) we got grayscale/slight. It could be that some
auto-detection is involved, so the values would be different depending
on the actual hardware. Any way, let's try to decrease our delta here.
- Adjust haveged arguments customization for Stretch (Closes: 11522).
- Display the date in the desktop top bar, as we did in Jessie and older.
(Closes: #11696)
- Drop patch to keep haveged, saned, spice-vdagent and laptop-mode running
on shutdown. These patches are no-ops on Stretch, where these services
have native systemd unit files. It's not worth porting these patches:
saned is socket-activated so in most cases it does not have to be shut
down, and we expect that the other ones can be stopped pretty quickly.
Let's bring back this kind of optimization if, and only if, we identify
an actual problem to fix in this area :)
- Don't delete downloaded debs after install: apt(8) >= 1.2~exp1 deletes
them by default, which is not nice for users who use it to preseed
their persistent APT cache. (Closes: #10958)
- Hide "OpenJDK Java 8 Policy Tool" from the Applications menu.
- Don't ship GCC 6: we don't ship compilers in Tails usually.
- Don't ship gcc-5-base: on Stretch we ship gcc-6-base instead.
- Don't start shipping libdvdcss2-dbgsym nor paxctld.
- Adjust default web browser customization: GNOME in Debian now defaults
to Firefox ESR (refs: #11440).
- Install libreoffice-gtk3: on Stretch this is needed to have Gtk+ 3 widgets
and a Gtk/GNOMEish print dialog.
- Explicitly install gtk2-engines-pixbuf, as it's not pulled automatically
on Stretch, and it's needed to theme GTK+ 2 applications in a nice way
(Closes: #11715).
- AppArmor gnome abstraction: allow reading /etc/xdg/*-mimeapps.list
(refs: #11440).
- Drop obsolete disabling of GNOME Keyring's GnuPG agent feature.
That feature was removed upstream.
- Explicitly select pinentry-gtk2 as our preferred pinentry program.
On Stretch, gnome-keyring depends on pinentry-gnome3, and then that one
is selected by default. It does not feel worth it to introduce a hackish
solution such as a fake pinentry-gnome3 package, so let's ignore it and
just make sure we are using the pinentry program we prefer
(Closes: #11713).
- Drop keep_memlockd_on_shutdown.diff: it's been a no-op since Tails 2.0
(Closes: #11708).
- Drop custom NetworkManager plugin configuration: these tweaks are not
needed on Stretch anymore.
- Disable new style network interface naming scheme.
It has little value for a live system, so let's stick to what we are
used to, and avoid having to adjust code/config/test suite
(Closes: #11721).
- Drop obsolete NM configuration wrt. sending hostname in DHCP requests
(Closes: #11720).
- Update APT pinning to cover all binary packages built from src:mesa
(refs: #11853).
- Don't try to install gnupg-curl: it doesn't exist anymore in Stretch.
- Install seahorse-nautilus from sid. It's been removed from testing.
- Drop workaround for Debian bug #645466, that was fixed in 2014
(Closes: #11534).
- Allow the "_apt" user to use Tor: in Stretch, APT network operations
are performed with the "_apt" user and not root.
- Make sure that 'localhost' points to the IPv4 loopback address.
- Make desktop launchers executable (Closes: #11927).
- Disable Wayland usage in GDM (Closes: #11923).
- Fix AppArmor profile for gst-plugin-scanner (Closes: #11928).
- Change Nautilus' default zoom level to 'small' (Closes: #11716).
The icons in GNOME Files and on the desktop are too huge otherwise. With
this new setting, they are similar in size to what we had in Jessie.
- Fix broken symlink preventing Enigmail from being enabled.
- Configure NetworkManager to not touch MAC addresses (refs: #11931).
Its default behaviour on Debian Stretch is to reset the MAC address to the
permanent one, and we did not make up our mind yet wrt. replacing
our custom MAC spoofing system with NM's own one (refs: #11293).
- Patch NetworkManager so that it does not leak the hostname in DHCP
requests (Closes: #11720).
- Deal with the fact that the NetworkManager dispatcher scripts are now
sometimes called with an empty first argument (Closes: #11938).
- Upgrade to GnuPG 2.1.15-9, and accordingly:
· Remove the CA certificate for, that we installed
in the system-wide CAs directory: it is now included in the dirmngr
package. Stop trusting it for non-GnuPG operations.
· Make dirmngr use the CA certificate from Debian.
· Move keyserver proxy configuration to dirmngr.conf, and drop the
keyserver-options that are obsolete or now the default.
-- intrigeri <> Thu, 17 Nov 2016 16:19:21 +0000
tails (2.8) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
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