Commit d421f38e authored by segfault's avatar segfault Committed by intrigeri
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Add the sysappend option to the syslinux config

This makes syslinux append FSUUID=<system partition filesystem uuid> to
the kernel command line, which we use in order to fix the partition
table and grow the system partition.
parent 5b8352bc
......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ sed -i -e "s/Boot menu//" "${CFG_FILE}"
sed -i -e "s/menu label Live/menu label Tails/" "${SYSLINUX_PATH}"/live*.cfg
sed -i -r -e 's/(menu label .* )\(failsafe\)/\1(Troubleshooting Mode)/' \
sed -i -r -e 's/(append .*)/\1\n\tsysappend 0x40000/g' "${SYSLINUX_PATH}"/live*.cfg
cat > "${SYSLINUX_PATH}/tails.cfg" << EOF
menu color sel * #ffffffff #55555555 *
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