Commit d3ced622 authored by sajolida's avatar sajolida

Move 'Upgrade' and 'Uninstall' to the section 'Download and install'

They probably makes more sense there and will be more visible because
the section is less crowded.
parent f23f6abe
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ documentation|/contribute/how/documentation]].
[[!inline pages="doc/about.index" raw="yes" sort="age"]]
# Download and install
# Download, installation, and upgrade
- [[Install from another Tails (for PC)|install/win/clone-overview]]
- [[Install from another Tails (for Mac)|install/mac/clone-overview]]
......@@ -26,6 +26,12 @@ documentation|/contribute/how/documentation]].
- [[Install from Debian, Ubuntu, or Mint using the command line and GnuPG (experts)|install/expert/usb-overview]]
- [[Burn a DVD|install/dvd]]
- [[Download without installing|install/download]]
- [[!traillink Upgrading_a_Tails_USB_stick|upgrade]]
- [[!traillink Repairing_a_Tails_USB_stick_that_fails_to_start_after_an_upgrade|upgrade/repair]]
- Uninstalling Tails or resetting a USB stick using
[[!traillink Linux|reset/linux]],
[[!traillink Windows|reset/windows]], or
[[!traillink Mac|reset/mac]]
# First steps with Tails
......@@ -16,9 +16,3 @@
- [[!traillink Installing_additional_software|first_steps/additional_software]]
- [[!traillink Report_an_error|first_steps/bug_reporting]]
- [[!traillink Shutting_down_Tails|first_steps/shutdown]]
- [[!traillink Upgrading_a_Tails_USB_stick|first_steps/upgrade]]
- [[!traillink Repairing_a_Tails_USB_stick_that_fails_to_start_after_an_upgrade|first_steps/upgrade/repair]]
- Uninstalling Tails or resetting a USB stick
using [[!traillink Linux|first_steps/reset/linux]],
[[!traillink Windows|first_steps/reset/windows]],
or [[!traillink Mac|first_steps/reset/mac]]
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