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......@@ -109,3 +109,25 @@ Acknowledgements
- Tails was inspired by the [[Incognito LiveCD|]]. The Incognito author has declared it to be dead on March 23rd, 2010, and written that Tails "should be considered as its spiritual successor".
- The [[Privatix Live-System|]] an early source of inspiration, too.
- Portions of Tails are based on TrueCrypt, freely available at [[]].
Related projects
## Active projects:
* [Liberté Linux](
* [Ubuntu Privacy Remix](
* [Odebian](
* [Privatix](
## Discontinued, abandoned or sleeping projects:
* [The Haven Project](
* [Polippix](
* [ISXUbuntu](
* [Phantomix](
* [Anonym.OS](
* [The Incognito LiveCD]( (dead link)
* [ParanoidLinux]( (dead link)
* [onionOS]( (dead link)
* [ELE]( (dead link)
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