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Remove note about DVD

Let's consider that the very few people who still use DVD can figure
this out by themselves. And we can remove a few lines to read for
everybody else.
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......@@ -53,18 +53,6 @@ the rest of the instructions afterwards, we recommend you either:
[[!img install/inc/infography/restart-on-upgrade-usb.png link="no" class="upgrade-tails" alt="USB stick unplugged on the right and computer restarted on USB stick on the left"]]
<div class="note clone">
<p>The following instructions assume that the other Tails that you are
<span class="install-clone windows linux mac">installing</span>
<span class="upgrade">upgrading</span>
from is on a USB stick. You can also
<span class="install-clone windows linux mac">install</span>
<span class="upgrade">upgrade</span>
from a Tails DVD in a similar way.</p>
1. <p>
<span class="usb">Shut down the computer while leaving the USB stick plugged in.</span>
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