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Improve monthly report publication doc.

 * Add missing steps.
 * Avoid duplicating info.
 * Add the option to send the full text of the report instead of a mere link:
   I've been told by several people that they stopped reading our report
   since we've stopped doing so (email is asynchronous and can be read offline;
   a HTTP link needs Internet connectivity and adds one more step that some
   people won't go through).
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......@@ -43,16 +43,21 @@ Publishing
- If you have the commit bit on our main repo, you can do the
- Set the `meta date=` directive to today's date.
- Move report to `news/report_YEAR_MO.mdwn`.
- Commit and push.
- Tweet about the report:
- "In MONTH we worked on [...] and more:"
- If you don't have access to our Twitter account send you text
for the tweet along with your merge request for the report.
- Send link to and
- `To:`
- `Cc:`
- `Subject: Tails report for XXXXXXXX YYYY`
- `Reply-to:`
- Email the link to the report (and if you have time+energy, the
full text after adjusting its formatting for email):
Subject: Tails report for XXXXXXXX YYYY
- Make sure that we already have a volunteer for next month, or
otherwise raise the issue on and update the
[[list of volunteers|monthly_report#coordinators]].
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