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Dogtailify step.

This step was broken due to Tor Browser 6.0.x changing the zoom-levels
(or similar) so various elements of the just removed image were not
positioned the way we expected them.
parent fb44e4fc
......@@ -228,3 +228,14 @@ end
Then /^Tails homepage loads in the Unsafe Browser$/ do
@screen.wait('TailsHomepage.png', 60)
Then /^the Tor Browser shows the "([^"]+)" error$/ do |error|
firefox ='Firefox')
page = firefox.child("Problem loading page", roleName: "document frame")
# Important to wait here since children() won't retry but return the
# immediate results
headers = page.children(roleName: "heading")
found = headers.any? { |heading| heading.text == error }
raise "Could not find the '#{error}' error in the Tor Browser" unless found
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ Feature: Browsing the web using the Tor Browser
When I start the Tor Browser
And the Tor Browser has started and loaded the startup page
And I open a page on the LAN web server in the Tor Browser
Then I see "TorBrowserUnableToConnect.png" after at most 20 seconds
Then the Tor Browser shows the "Unable to connect" error
And no traffic was sent to the web server on the LAN
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