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Add a shell library for Tor functions.

These are shared among multiple of our scripts.
parent 840dca64
# FIXME: If we end up using this, let's give root access to Tor's control
# port instead of relying on sudo.
tor_control_send() {
HEXCOOKIE=$(xxd -c 32 -g 0 $COOKIE | cut -d' ' -f2)
/bin/echo -ne "AUTHENTICATE ${HEXCOOKIE}\r\n${1}\r\nQUIT\r\n" | \
sudo -u amnesia nc 9051
# This function may be dangerous to use. See "Potential Tor bug" below.
# Only handles GETINFO keys with single-line answers
tor_control_getinfo() {
tor_control_send "GETINFO ${1}" | grep -m 1 "^250-${1}=" | \
# Note: we have to remove trailing CL+RF to not confuse the shell
sed "s|^250-${1}=\(.*\)[[:space:]]\+$|\1|"
tor_control_setconf() {
tor_control_send "SETCONF ${1}" >/dev/null
# Potential Tor bug: it seems like using this version makes Tor get
# stuck at "Bootstrapped 5%" quite often. Is Tor sensitive to opening
# control ports and/or issuing "getinfo status/bootstrap-phase" during
# early bootstrap? Because of this we fallback to greping the log.
#tor_bootstrap_progress() {
# tor_control_getinfo status/bootstrap-phase | \
# sed 's/^.* BOOTSTRAP PROGRESS=\([[:digit:]]\+\) .*$/\1/'
tor_is_working() {
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