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Document wait_until(), and how the timeout isn't accurate.

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# Run `check_expr` until `timeout` seconds has passed, and sleep
# `delay` (optional, defaults to 1) seconds in between the calls.
# Note that execution isn't aborted exactly after `timeout`
# seconds. In the worst case (the timeout happens right after we check
# if the timeout has happened) we'll wait in total: `timeout` seconds +
# `delay` seconds + the time needed for `check_expr`.
wait_until() {
local timeout check_expr delay timeout_at
......@@ -16,7 +22,8 @@ wait_until() {
# Just an alias. The second argument (wait_until()'s check_expr) is
# the "try code block".
# the "try code block". Just like in `wait_until()`, the timeout isn't
# very accurate.
try_for() {
wait_until "${@}"
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