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......@@ -167,6 +167,27 @@ Selling preinstalled devices would in fact be a pretty bad idea:
cryptographic verification techniques anymore. Being able to trust
your Tails USB stick is something that we really care about.
<a id="checksum"></a>
Where can I find the checksum to verify my Tails download?
We do not provide a checksum (SHA hash or similar) to verify your Tails download.
Verification using a checksum would be no better than verifying using
one of the techniques documented on our download page: our browser
extension, BitTorrent, or basic OpenPGP.
These verification methods all rely on some information being securely
downloaded from our website using HTTPS. Similarly, verification using a
checksum would rely on the checksum being securely downloaded from our
In order to verify your Tails download without having to rely on some
information being securely downloaded from our website, you need to use
[[OpenPGP and authenticate our signing key through the OpenPGP Web of
<a id="browser"></a>
Web browser
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