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Remove duplicates from August and add 'Website' section

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......@@ -42,18 +42,13 @@ Infrastructure
noticeably, and reduced the amount of time needed for a full run
with at least 30%.
* The Tails website is now available in [Farsi] ( Thanks to all farsi translators and the [LocalizationLab](
* [We have Tails stickers again](! We'll share them during upcoming events, but you can also [[make your own|contribute/how/promote]]
* Alan attended [GUADEC, the GNOME conference]( in Gøteborg, Sweden on August 7 – 9 in order to meet the GNOME developers for closer collaboration.
* A talk about Tails took place during DebConf15 in Heidelberg, Germany, on August 15th.
* The Tails website is now available in [Farsi] ( Thanks to all Farsi translators and the [LocalizationLab](
* DrWhax did a lightning talk about Tails at [CCCamp]( on August 13 - 17 in Zehdenick, Germany.
* Syl held a Tails Workshop at Bazar du Libre on November 22 in Toulouse, France.
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