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Document who maintains the verification extension

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......@@ -167,6 +167,7 @@ using the usual communication channels.
- *Tails Greeter*: alan, intrigeri
- *Tails Installer*: alan, kurono, u
- *Tails Upgrader*: intrigeri
- *Tails Verification*: sajolida, anonym
- Test suite: anonym
- *Thunderbird* (Icedove): anonym
- Tor configuration, time syncing, MAC spoofing: anonym
......@@ -221,6 +222,8 @@ Collective process
- [[Technical writer|contribute/working_together/roles/technical_writer]]
- [[Test suite maintainers|contribute/working_together/roles/test_suite]]
- [[UX designer|contribute/working_together/roles/ux]]
- [[Verification extension
- [[Reports sent to sponsors|contribute/reports]]
<a id="talk"></a>
[[!meta title="Verification extension maintainers"]]
The maintenance of the [[verification
extension|design/verification_extension]] falls slightly outside of our
current skill set and it's hard to find a person who can take over all
its maintenance. So the work is split among different people according
to their skills and availability:
- sajolida:
- Tracks the release of third-party libraries and updates them.
- Tests the extension on beta versions of Firefox and Chrome.
- Tests and releases new versions of the extension.
- Maintains the corresponding HTML and JavaScript on our website.
- Manages the yearly budget for the maintenance of the extension and
allocate the work to be done to other contributors.
- anonym:
- Ports the code of the extension to new versions of Firefox, Chrome,
and the third-party libraries.
- sajolida might also ask for help or reviews from other contributors:
- intrigeri and u
- our secret JavaScript expert when we have no other option or when we
require more security expertise
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