Commit cd8b96e6 authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri
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Localize links to /donate (refs: #14557).

See commit:bf19ab69 for details.

This commit fixes another instance of the bug, that was added
in the feature/14557_donation_banner_clean branch.
parent 1270e2ba
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@
<div id="donate-strip">
<a id="donate-link" href="<TMPL_VAR HTML_LANG_CODE>">
<a id="donate-link" href="<TMPL_VAR HTML_LANG_CODE>.html?r=fromweb-<TMPL_VAR HTML_LANG_CODE>">
<span class="donate-l donate-en">
Tails helps thousands of people to stay safe online every day and it's free.
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